What to Expect

Townhouse is the epitomy of excellence!

We are a fully licensed venue and have an excellent relationship with the local police, licensing and council. Our standards are high and our customers just love it!!! Whether you are an experienced player or a nervous novice, everybody is welcome. You may just want to socialise with like-minded people, learn from others, build on your skills, use our facilities with your regular play partner or you may be looking for new play partners... whatever you want, you can do it at Townhouse in the peace of mind that you will be doing so in a safe environment. We have strict Rules and Etiquette which we advise everyone to become familiar with before visiting us. More info can be found here on our Blog


The venue has been going through a refurb and when you walk into our bar you will be blown away by the non stereotypical environment. Our bar is luxurious, well lit, decorated in calming colours with lovely soft furnishings. We have stepped away from the typical dungeon 'look' to bring you something different.

Moving through to our lounge, you will find a huge room which is multi functional. In here, depending on the event, you will be able to socialise, join in/watch group play, enjoy performances on our massive stage, watch demos and workshops, purchase goods from local crafters or dance the night away. It really has become the centre of the club and the new decor is cool, calming and lush!


If you fancy something different, our authentic cellar dungeon, which was launched in March 2014 is like nothing you will find anywhere else in the Northwest. It has 3 separate play areas including 3 jail cells and we have recently added a padded cell to the mix! The jail cells are available to hire for overnight stays, but they are not for the faint hearted!! lol The equipment in the cellar has been custom made, 2 of which have had to be assembled down there as they are so huge! There is something for everybody down there, including: A stretching rack, knealing bench/bondage pole, elevated puppy cage, tipping table, stocks in a box, 2 x yolks, wall shackles, slave toilet and of course the jails! 


On the first floor, you will find large changing rooms with lockers, mirrors and hairdryers; a toilet and shower are in the next room.
There are 5 play areas on the first floor:

Swing and 'bars' room - here there is a suspension point and 7 beds (3 elevated) for you to enjoy different forms of play...maybe sensation play, rope, violet wand, wax....There is also a jail here, named 'Jims Gaol' with wrist and ankle restraints and glory holes! :-) 

Down the corridor are 2 more dungeons:

Dungeon 1 is our largest dungeon of the 2 and has now been named Morgana after the great dark witch and nemesis of Merlin; this is also Lady C's previous Domme name! Here you will find a Fetters Bondage Wheel and a 9 foot suspension cube from which are several pieces of equipment hanging for your use: Body sling/swing, head cage, restraints and leather body lattice bag. There is also a gynae chair/table, an A Frame, 2 sets of authentic iron shackles, a CBT bench and a queening stool.

Dungeon 2, the smaller of the 2 is now called Merlin and here you will find an authentic, fully functional multi disciplinary medical chair with spotlight. This is automated and has stirrup attachments as well as phlebotomy rests. The room is set up as an authentic clinic with medical screens, stainless steel table, drip stands, hospital grade flooring and lighting. 


On the 2nd floor there are 4 more rooms. 2 are private, lockable rooms for you to enjoy sexual play if you wish** and two further rooms along the corridor; one is a group play area with beds and 2 knealing benches, the other room is good for floor work and you will find a mantis chair and stocks.


Around the venue you will find other equipment dotted in the social areas, such as Cages, a Restraint Bed, 2 St Andrews crosses, a Mantis Chair and a Trampling Cage.


After all of the madness and fun you are going to have, what better way to wind down than to relax in a hot tub or sauna? Yes we have them too!!!! Our hot tub is cleaned every day and holds 5 people. Our sauna is so relaxing and holds upto 5 people. There are brand new twin showers in our wet area as well as another bathroom and towels for this area can be obtained from reception free of charge. You will also find suspension points in this area with adjustable lighting to set the mood and removeable foam flooring for initial floor work.


Finally we have a heated outdoor area for our smokers with lots of seating and a covered area for when the heaven open! This area is due for renovation in 2019.

** Please note on our Radical Desire BDSM, Whimper and Branded events, sexual play needs to happen behind closed doors. So in our 1st floor dungeons with the doors locked and window covered or in our private rooms on the top floor. Public play needs to be pure BDSM. We appreciate that there may be sexual contact in some scenes, i.e. genital/breast torture, rigged stimulators for orgasm denial etc... but penetration and oral sex needs to be confined to private areas. Thank you for your cooperation 


To hire our venue go to www.drastic-fantastic.co.uk


Violet Wand

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