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COVID 19 Update 18th July 2021 -

When attending events at Townhouse - 

If you have had both vaccines, please show your status either via the NHS Covid pass on the NHS app on your phone, by downloading your certificate or by bringing along your vaccine cards. Public health have not asked for those who are vaccinated to perform a lateral flow test (LFT) but you may wish to do so on the day of your visit.

If you have had only one vaccine or no vaccines at all, we would like you to perform an LFT shortly before leaving for Townhouse and upload your result here https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result so it can be presented on arrival.

All of our staff have been double vaccinated but we have provided them with LFT's to perform as well before their shift.

Masks are not compulsory by either guests or staff and we will leave it to you to decide if you would like to wear one. Your decision either way will be respected.

We will have alcohol gel/foam wash around the venue for you to use and we will be cleaning surfaces and toilets more regularly.

If you feel unwell before the event, even if you have a negative LFT, please DO NOT ATTEND.

If you have not managed to attend one of our open days to sort your membership, we will need to do this on your first visit and there may be a queue to get in. Please bear with us and we will process you as soon as possible. Those who have already sorted their membership, will be brought straight to the front and booked in separately so that you are not standing in a queue unnecessarily.

Some of you may not agree with our policy, but we are doing our best in a bad situation a working with what we have been told by our local authority. Please work with us to get our club back open and stay open by abiding by the above; the last thing we all want is for clubs to close again after working so hard to get to this point.




Townhouse has been established since 2005, running regular BDSM/Fetish events ever since. We are now one of the leading fetish clubs in the north with 4 floors of playspace and one of the few authentic cellar dungeons in the country. 


We have a massive array of furniture and equipment for you to enjoy including some wooden custom made pieces which won't be found anywhere else! We have a large private car park, large changing rooms and showers, toilets on every floor and private/group play rooms, some of which are themed. 


The venue has recently been going through a refurb and we are proud of our new bar and lounge area which are second to none. We are making our way through the rest of the venue, updating and refurbing playrooms where necessary to offer you a playspace that is modern, clean, fresh and luxurious.


We now run several niche fetish events a month alongside our mainstream events, catering to a wide spectrum of kink. If you have any ideas for addtional events, please do contact us, as our members are at the centre of our club, helping it to grow and develop into something spectacular!






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